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The challenge of retail security in South Africa, provides Secuitas the opportunity to develop its security solutions. From shopping malls, to open plan retail outlets, restaurants or motor dealerships, retail segment in South Africa is very diverse, and so are our solutions.

Let us secure your stores.

In response to the demand of our customers in this complicated environment, Securitas has all the necessary technology and manned expertise to create customized security solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our retail expertise

Securitas believes that a physical security presence in a retail environment would not only perform security duty but also provide approachable customer service; paired with cutting edge technology to secure all angles of each store. Our highly trained, fully licensed professional security specialists are well equipped to provide security services specific for the retail sector.  We also provide on job refresher training to enhance the skill and update the latest retail security information to the security personnel.  We aim to satisfy the needs of our customers by continuously improving our service standards.  Our retail security personnel are making a difference.

These differing environments in the retails segment dictate the skill base required for guarding and the level of technology solutions required.

Securitas will begin by reviewing your business to understand your unique needs, vulnerabilities, and expectations. We then establish preventive procedures and suggest a security solution best suited the needs of your merchandise, employees and customers.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the area of retail security and will keep you up to date on the latest trends in retail security to ensure you receive the best possible security solution.

Unveiling of the new logo on a Mobile Guarding patrol car.