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About Us

By providing innovative, high-quality, and sustainable security services to our clients, we help them keep ahead of their risks so that they can focus on their core business. Securitas has operations in 47 markets with more than 1,300 branch offices and 375,000+ employees.

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Our purpose

Our purpose unites hundreds of thousands of people across the world into a strong global team. Everyday Securitas Heroes put on their uniforms - with pride - and live our purpose while doing their jobs. From Sweden to Hong Kong, through on-site guarding or electronic security, your safety is why Securitas exists. 



We help you see a different world.

Strong ethical standards

From the beginning, our founder Erik Philip-Sörensen set high ethical standards. He was constantly looking for new technology and had a focus on work ethics. Our ethical standards were formulated in our values. They still live on as the basic principles in everything we do and are symbolized by the red dots in our logo.

Our values

Our values are the foundation of our operations and the corporate culture is built on these values that help to shape a long-term, financially successful enterprise by creating value for customers, employees and shareholders. They are summarized in three words: Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness.

The main purpose of our corporate culture is to develop competent, specialized employees and qualified professionals, whose role is to make society safer for everyone. Securitas' success is ultimately measured by the trust we earn in our communities.


A Securitas employee is honest and therefore trusted to work unsupervised on the customer's premises and with valuables. Securitas never compromises in its demand for integrity. Integrity also includes openly expressing one's opinion, reporting improprieties and not withholding information.


Professionalism entails seeing, hearing and evaluating, and a Securitas employee is always attentive. Professionals develop an intuition that helps us to notice things that others don't. Their vigilance is needed in order to stay aware of potential risks or incidents that are taking place on our customers' premises.


Helpfulness is about our employees always being ready to assist within the context of a particular assignment.

We make your world a safer place.

In an era where change is the only constant and technology is developing at a breakneck pace, Securitas is not lagging behind as a security partner. Securitas sees opportunities and possibilities to use change and technology for a safer living and working environment. When new threat assessments require a different security policy, Securitas knows how to achieve this in an innovative way.

Some facts and figures

  • Total sales MSEK 133,237 (107,700)
  • Organic sales growth 7 percent (4)
  • Operating margin 6.0 percent (5.6)
  • Proposed dividend:  SEK 3.45/share
  • Client retention: 89%
  • 358,000 employees

Our operations

Securitas has operations in 45 markets. We are organized in three business segments: Security Services North America, Security Services Europe and Security Services Ibero-America. We also have operations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, which form the AMEA division, which is included in Other.

Share of Group sales per segment

  • North America 46%
  • Europe 41%
  • Ibero-America 11%
  • Other 2%

Global but local

  •  A single point of contact
  • Total protection – nothing more, nothing less
  • More resource by consolidating suppliers
  • Full compliance with market laws and regulations
  • Customised reports

It adds up

The Securitas share has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (or ‘Nasdaq Stockholm’) since 1991. Find our more from our corporate website.



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