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Securitas offers logistics security solutions that are customised to cater to your needs. Our solutions are designed to ensure there are no security breaches, theft or loss and damage.

Warehouse protection.

Customers that ship or manage product in the logistics and supply chain sectors are required to track and trace their shipments, often from the point of origin or port of entry to its final destination. Frequently these systems are managed by Securitas officers in a Global Command Center Operation setting.

A logistics chain comprises many parts: distribution facilities and loading centers, logistics companies and shipping firms, as well as secure rest areas, warehouses and courier companies. Security can be your common thread in the handling of goods, from producer to consumer both nationally and internationally.

We offer a reliable, comprehensive and professional logistics security solution. We will conduct security audits to identify threats to your business. Our trained workforce will ensure your premise and goods are protected from from break-ins and theft. Our remote video monitoring and remote access control protects the premises from a possible threat 24x7.


Unveiling of the new logo on a Mobile Guarding patrol car.