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Residential Estates

Residential estate living is on the rise in South Africa, with more people wanting to protect their homes and families. Safety and security are key concerns for most South African property owners.

SecuritasHome Belgium

Protect your home, and your loved ones.

Many people want to protect their homes. This could be an apartment in a high-rise building or an entire neighbourhood. With residential technological and manned security, we offer a safe home environment. We aim at creating an environment where residents and guests feel safe, secure and welcome. Our fully trained security officers are not only vigilant in registration of incoming and outgoing goods, residents, visitors, contractors and staff but also facility condition review and handling of incidents and unexpected situations. Paired with our electronic security to secure the entire residential grounds.

At Securitas, we understand the things that your residential estate values the most, such as creating an environment where residents and guests feel safe, secure and welcome. Securitas will do a risk assessmen to evalute your estates needs as, each estate is unique and has its own challenges and concerns. Our security solutions are customized and may inclued services like access-controlled entrances, perimeter surveillance and static or patrolling guards, to help meet the estates needs as well as fit within its budget.

Peace of mind.

We also know that each community is unique and has its own challenges and concerns, so our solutions are tailored to meet the clients’ needs. 


Intelligent residential security solutions

Everyone deserves to feel safe: at work, on the road and certainly at home. Our intelligent residential security solutions provide a safe and comfortable home environment for you, your family and your guests. Whether it is a detached house, an apartment or an entire neighbourhood, we offer affordable residential security solutions, customized to your needs.  

Unveiling of the new logo on a Mobile Guarding patrol car.