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Flexible and Friendly Service for Sportron

Escalating crime statics have made companies realise there is a greater need to enhance building security systems to protect their employees, clients and property. In order for a company to determine the best security system, a handful of factors first need to be considered including the current design of the property, where it’s located and what needs to be secured. As such, a company must find a solution that best suits their requirements and budget whilst giving them comprehensive security protection.

The challenge for Sportron

Sportron International is a network marketing wellness company owning the building which they occupy in Bryanston, Sandton. The offices accommodate a variety of other companies which see a retail element coupled with conventional office space. The retail business attracts a number of customers on a daily basis resulting in large amounts of money on the premises at any given time which is a security risk. Customer and staff security is essential to the Sportron business which is based on long term relationships and high levels of customer service.

The solution for Sportron

Securitas provides a blanket solution to Sportron to ensure all aspects of their security needs are met. Initially there was a concern that the client relationships would suffer, as large corporate companies do not know their individual customers, but they were very happy with the transition. Sportron now has the benefit of a big corporate backing them. They are very happy to see that we take care of our staff. All our guards have a special relationship with their Sportron customers, they are part of the team. We train all our staff for environments such as these, to be more than just security guards. Quick management resolution and attention to problems are key. Our flexibility when the need arises, like keeping a guard for an extra two hours on a Saturday is greatly appreciated – we make it happen.

Sportron Customer feedback

“Our staff, client and building security is imperative. Securitas guards are vigilant and friendly. Their supervisors manage the guards so we don’t have to”

- Sportron MD

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