Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

We provide customised security solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, for example in retail and office premises and the service sector. This may include small businesses, such as the office of an optician, architect or dentist.

Small and medium sized enterprises represent a large portion of business and are a key driver for economic growth, employment and innovation. Finances are of importance to these enterpises, and safe guarding their business to keep them in operation is crucial. Securitas understands these needs and tailor makes solutions accordingly.

We can secure your buisness

Small and medium sized enterpises are just as exposed to security threats as large enterprises. Their solutions may vary due to their size, but we will still consult and assess their needs coming up with the best tailor made solution for them. An night guard could double up as a receptionist. 

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Your business deserves our security solutions

Small and medium sized enterprises are soft targets for criminals because they don't always have correct security. Securitas will provide your business with a security solution within your budget.

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