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Reduction of crime in Residential Communities

Crime in South Africa is prevalent and ranked in the Top 10 most crimes per capital in the world. As of March 2010 The South African Police Service employed 190 to 199 officers to police a population of approximately 50 Million people. There is no question that this is an insurmountable task. As South Africans we need to stand together to implement a strategy to protect the communities in which we live.

Background to Residential Communities 

A number of different Residential communities faced  rampant crime problems in their specifie areas. In one Residential  Community, as many as 30 incidents a month were being reported in the area consisting of approximately 680 homes. Crimes included house breaking, armed robbery and hijackings. In 1999 the residents got together and with the consent of the council closed off the said area. This neighborhood now needed to be protected! 

Securitas Solutions to the Community

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the best solutions are implemented and that we are proactive rather than reactive.  This joint partnership between Securitas and the community is a necessary one to curb this crisis. We have managed to reduce crime in the area by 83% to around 5 incidents per month. Securitas has also managed to keep the point of contact the same, the policies and practices had remained unchanged. The service levels and community channels for hiccups are excellent. The community even came to train some of our guards on how the community works to ensure close cooperation. 

With Securitas’s exceptional cooperation with the SAPS, it greatly benefits the community and this helps fight crime and alerts people of hot spot risks crime trends immediately.  The SPOC principle was also welcomed with open arms and dealing with the senior manager and not with a lowly shift leader. Meetings are always attended by management from Securitas and they have access to managers at any time whom they have a great relationship with.  

Community Customer feedback

“Securitas - Having implemented certain security technologies and guards who know the area inside out is key to providing our residents with a high level of customer service and peace of mind”

- Community member  

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