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Incident Free Record With Securitas On Site

From humble beginnings in 1953 in a small office, in the heart of the Free State gold fields of South Africa, Genrec has grown into one of the largest engineering companies in Africa. The one-man business, with its base in Wadeville rapidly grew into a vibrant family business throughout the fifties and sixties. 

Background on Genrec

Genrec started trading as General Erection, and by 1974 with a good track record Genrec was large enough to list on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, under the name of Genrec. In the same year Murray & Roberts, a large engineering and construction Group, decided to diversify its operations, and acquired 30% of Genrec shares. In 1988, Murray & Roberts acquired the controlling share holding and in 1992 Murray & Roberts acquired 100% equity, delisted the Group and split activities into separate profit centers. 

The challenge  

Genrec produces around 2000 tons of steel a month with its 1800 employees at its Johannesburg facility. Apart from the usual access control and vehicle monitoring requirements the safety of all personnel on site is of utmost importance to Genrec.

The solution 

Highly trained Securitas guards are posted on 2 shifts a day to perform numerous functions from access control of staff and vehicles, to the protection of assets from theft and even sabotage. Guards are educated on operations at Genrec prior to posting on site, making the guards more vigilant to identify potential accidents. Guards ensure that the employees comply with strict OHASA (Occupational Health And Safety Act) regulations to maintain a zero incident rate. The Site Manager is able to take statements, open case dockets and conduct preliminary investigations which allows for the swift hand over to the SAPS resulting in arrests and recoveries.

Securitas’s service was very satisfactory to the client since senior managers are actively involved in the management of all aspects of the ongoing relationship. Genrec is extremely happy with the professional and flexible manner in which Securitas operates.

 “We are very proud to be approaching a record for Incident free days”


The future for Genrec

Of vital importance to both Genrec and Securitas is to build a long lasting relationship where both organizations grow in unison. Continuous planning takes place to find solutions to meet the demand of Genrec’s dynamic environment.