Industry and Manufacturing

With Securitas as your security supplier, you’ll have more time and money to devote to your core business. We keep your employees safe, take care of your visitors and safeguard your processes.

Manufacturing industry refers to those industries which are involved in the manufacturing and processing of items and indulge in either creating new commodities or in value addition. The manufacturing industry accounts for a significant share of the industrial sector in developed countries. The final products can either serve as finished goods for sale to customers or as intermediate goods used in the production process.

All heavy industy, extraction, production, manufacturing and processing, in the steel, mining pulp and paper industries: It also includes companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and automative industries.

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The manufacturing industry sustains losses every year at the hands of both sophisticated external threats and trusted insiders. Not only do such losses threaten profitability and increase costs to the consumer, they put at risk perception of the brand and a company’s reputation in the marketplace.  

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Securitas security Denmark

How Securitas protected Genrec from incidents

Specialised Guarding is a key service on this site, with the Guards being highly trained and unskilled prior to being deployed at this site. The use of security screening and technology assist in making this a successful site.

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