Flexible technology and a large organization with extensive competence means we have the capacity to secure vulnerable spaces and objects, as well as quickly increasing security if the situation warrants it. 

Our customers in the energy sector include nuclear power plants, electricity suppliers, wind and hydroelectric power stations and oil and gas companies. 

There is a high risk factor for these companies. This is why, we focus on flexible and advanced security solutions that prevent and hinder intrusions, damage and sabotage of facilities with critical assets. Any attempts at intrusion or sabotage are quickly detected and verified, which leads to rapid actions. Its large and extensive organization means that Securitas is able to quickly cover needs that arise for additional security and guarding,

Security solutions for the energy sector

Security cameras are used for camera patrols to keep vulnerable parts of the facility under supervision and are supplemented with patrolling guards, with or without dogs, which have a preventive effect, for example, by checking for signs of preparation for intrusion or malicious damage.

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