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Investing In Our People

At Securitas we believe that the future of our company can only be perpetuated if we ensure the continuity of our people’s skills. We believe in proper recruitment, extensive training and ongoing coaching. The main purpose of this culture is to develop competent, specialised employees and qualified professionals, whose role is to make society safer. 


The quality of our local leadership is the key to attract and retain employees. We have a number of traing programs in place to continuously upskill our employees on all levels.

We offer both basic training as well as specialised training in a particular discipline. Our aim is to develop the skills of our people so that everyone can make the optimal use of his or her strength, and build a career with us.

Skills Development

We strongly believe in the connection between the competence of our employees and the result we achieve. We strive to be an attractive employer that offers good working conditions, fair wages and opportunities for personal development

Training is at the very heart of our operation. With two training schools in South Africa, fully managed internally, and a network of training partners across the country, Securitas achieves its growth as a company through the personal growth of its employees, creating a wealth of career opportunities through the rapid expansion of the business.

Numerous employees have also benefited from Securitas through study sponsorships and bursaries.

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