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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sweden strongly supported the struggle for democracy in South Africa during the apartheid period. Those historic ties remain strong today. As one of the biggest Swedish multinationals, and one of the largest employers in Sweden, we understand and uphold these common roots and shared values with the people of South Africa. 

Our investment in the country

Currently one of the largest providers of security services in South Africa, Securitas has invested to date above ZAR 100 million in establishing and growing its operations.

Securitas services 10,000 customers, pays annually over ZAR 200 million in wages.  Securitas procures goods and services entirely within South Africa, with a strong emphasis on procuring from companies and individuals previously disadvantaged, as reflected in Securitas’ BBBEE 2 certificate renewed in August 2013.

BBBEE Level 2

Securitas is a proud level 2 BBBEE contributor. We have a set of policies and targets in place that enable us to achieve and sustain a significant impact in all of the measured criteria in the score card. Within a year of presence in the country, we had achieved a BBBEE level 4. Continuous focus has enabled us to improve numerous criteria, resulting currently in a BBBEE level 2.

Caring for the Community

Our CSI initiatives are aimed at uplifting the communities in which we operate. Securitas South Africa follows practices that utilise local resources to the greatest possible extent which includes recruiting and training of local applicants as well as qualifying suppliers to support local office operations.  We understand the combination of nature and culture present in every workspace and this interplay underlies our sustainable development initiatives which deliver benefit to local communities.

Our Corporate Social Investment Initiatives Include:

  •  Quarterly Staff Wellness Days
  •  HIV / TB / cancer testing & counselling
  •  Financial and Legal Advice to our Staff
  • Counselling on Domestic Violence Abuse
  • Learnerships and Skills Development
  • Women’s Day Workshop
  • Projects with the communities we serve and employ from
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